What to Do in the Case of an Accident

Car accident lawCar accident law is structured around the rules and regulations that ultimately determine who is at fault for an accident occurrence and the Atlanta accident lawyers specialized in representing injured drivers in the court of law. While negligence cases are based on state law, personal injury resulting from the accidents should be addressed immediately and with a lawyer. Negligence can be difficult to prove. There are many lawyers prepared and ready to consult with drivers.

In order to pursue a negligence case following a car accident in any state or city of the US, the injured party, or their representative, must prove that road laws were broken, and that the offender caused harm to the injured party’s body. Additionally, the harm must have been a direct reflection and effect of the offending driver’s behavior behind the wheel.

Should an accident occur, accident lawyers recommend several steps. Firstly, never avoid medical assistance if it is needed. Purposely denying needed medical assistance can give insurance companies reason to believe injury is not as severe as a claim states. Furthermore, not all injuries are immediately apparent. Secondly, collect as much evidence as possible from photos to a written documentation and video. Be careful to never admit fault. Even apologies can be used against the injured party later. Do take note of the other driver’s license, registration, and insurance information. Include any information like officer names and witness’s contact information as well.

Following an accident, and after prompt medical attention, an injured driver should contact their own insurance company to report the accident. They will also often ask for a recorded version of the sequence of events, but it is still encouraged to speak to an attorney prior to recording. Heed the advice of the attorney.

Atlanta accident lawyers are very well versed in state laws and guidelines. They often handle the insurance negotiations for drivers, and in the case of severe injury where recovery is stressful, this alone is a good reason to hire a lawyer. Lawyers are capable of avoiding low compensation or unfair treatment and can often negotiate a higher winning that drivers without lawyers.